The Town of Stedman is a Mayor-Council form of Government; which is the oldest form of government descending from England and instituted in the first American colonies.

The Town of Stedman is organized as a Board of Commissioners (BOC). The Town BOC consists of a Mayor and five (5) Commissioners. The Board votes on which Commissioner will serve as the Mayor Pro Tempore. The Mayor Pro Tempore presides over meetings in the absence of the Mayor. The Town Board serves four year staggered terms.

The Mayor and BOC are elected by the registered voters within the municipal limits of the Town of Stedman. The Mayor serves as spokesperson, presides over the meetings, Towns’ representative for ceremonial purposes and is eligible to vote only during a tie vote of the BOC. The Mayor and BOC work together to make decisions for the Town. The BOC has the authority to levy taxes, establish fee schedules, enact ordinances, create resolutions, adopt the budget and vote on all Town matters.

After each municipal election the BOC holds an organizational meeting (usually the first meeting in December). At the organizational meeting, the BOC that were elected take their oath of office and adopts department commissioners. Two (2) BOC’s are appointed over each department.

The BOC strives to make Stedman a great place to live, to raise a family and to call home. All residents are encouraged to take part in our community and join us at our monthly board meetings. Together we can continue to make Stedman “A Special Place”.