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Recycling & Sanitation

A copy of the recycle/trash information that was mailed 11/27/19 is attached below for your convenience. It contains the acceptable items for recycling and a 2020 recycling and sanitation schedule.



Single Stream Recycling

Acceptable for unsorted recycling:

Plastics numbered 1 through 7 including black plastic, soft drink and water bottles, plastic milk jugs. No disposable cups (plastic or paper).

Aluminum cans (drink cans)
Tin or metal cans (food cans rinsed out)
Un-waxed chipboard, cardboard like cereal or cracker boxes, pizza boxes, whole or flattened (No food tainted items).
Newspaper including advertising inserts
Magazines, catalogues, pamphlets, brochures, annual reports, etc., whether shiny or  not
Telephone books
Office paper, stationary, post-it notes, of any color                              
Junk mail and advertisements
Posters, greeting cards, art paper
Cash register, adding machine, fax and computer paper 
Aluminum foil 
Items Not Accepted For Recycling:

Glass of any type or color

Tissues, paper towels, toilet paper, paper napkins

Shredded paper

Food, food wrappings and food contaminated packaging and meat trays
Styrofoam in any form such as packing, peanuts, meat trays, etc.
Wax coated paper cartons including milk cartons
Saran wrap and cellophane
Plastic coated report covers, ream covers, notebooks, and spiral bound items
Paint cans 
Ink cartridges
Photographic paper or film including negatives, x-rays, MRI films etc
Hanging files
Rubber items including rubber bands
Clothing, rags, cloth items
Appliances, furniture, wood or wooden items
Plastic items not marked with a recycle logo (triangle surrounding a number)

Recycling Schedule

Curbside Recycling Schedule

(Every other Tuesday)
Please see the "Calendar" to keep up to date!
Effective August 1, 2015 please have all recycling at the curbside by 7:30 am.
Please make sure you only place your Recycling at the curbside on Recycling Day.



Sanitation Schedule

Collected every Wednesday

Effective August 1, 2015 please have all your sanitation at the curbside by 7:30 am.

Please check the "Calendar" to keep up to date with any schedule changes.  

Please make sure you only place your Sanitation on the curbside on Sanitation Day.

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