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Picnic Shelter Reservation Policy/Agreement

Stedman Ernest Freeman Park 

Town of Stedman, NC

Picnic Shelter Reservation Policy/Agreement

The picnic shelter may be used on a “First Come, First Served” basis as long as the picnic shelter has not been reserved.

The park remains open to the public when the picnic shelter is reserved. The reservation is for the use of the picnic shelter only and for the allotted time shown on the picnic shelter reservation policy/agreement.

The picnic shelter(s) may be reserved between 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM Spring/Summer and 8:00AM – 5:00 PM Fall/Winter. Only one reservation will be allowed per day.

  1. Reservation setup and cleanup covered in the time reserved.
  2. There will NOT be a reservation fee. A Picnic Shelter Reservation Form must be signed within five (5) days after the reservation is made for a reservation to be confirmed.
  3. Trash is to be picked up around the picnic shelter and disposed of properly by removing it from the park. Littering is prohibited.
  4. Sound reproduction devices (loud speakers, etc.) and musical instruments are prohibited.
  5. No open fires are allowed in the park. Personal grills are not permitted in the park unless permission is granted by the Town when the reservation is made.
  6. Additional tables are not permitted in the park unless permission is granted by the Town when the reservation is made.
  7. If the picnic shelter or surrounding area are damaged or left in disarray, the individual making the reservation will be held responsible.
  8. Groups reserving the picnic shelter(s) must not disturb or interfere with any person or party using any other area of the park or any person or party participating in authorized activities within the park.
  9. No possession, consumption or display of alcohol or any controlled substance or containers thereof are allowed within the park. Any person under the influence of alcohol or any controlled substance is prohibited in the park.
  10. No firearms or other dangerous weapons are allowed in the park. This does not apply to law enforcement officers while engaged in the discharge of their duties.
  11. Inclement weather dates may be rescheduled, if a date is available, but must be requested no more than two (2) workdays following the original reservation date.
  12. All rules posted at the park are to be followed.
  13. Flagrant misuse of the park and recreational facilities will result in the forfeiture of future use and reservation privileges. Persons failing to comply with the rules of the shelter and park set forth by the Town of Stedman Board of Commissioners may be denied future use of the facilities.
  14. An electrical outlet is available for use. Prior permission to use outlet is required at time of reservation.
  15. All Bounce Houses require prior approval before being set up.
  16. No parking is allowed except in the designated paved parking lot.
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